October 03, 2016

Kik Messenger or WhatsApp – The pros and cons

This app message is not new, for it takes a long time between us. He recently jumped to the front web pages of the chronicle of occasions as it has actually disclosed its use in cases of bullying among teens and a case of kidnapping as well as murder that has actually had the kik messenger as a tool to reach the sufferer. Anonymity is the primary virtue of this device, it is also an chance for those who intend to disrupt others. Yet like everything, it relies on the usage we make of it.

Leaving apart these concerns, you could not already understand or that you have not also risked to give it a try. From here I present a quick analysis that you valoréis whether it is worth their installment on your terminal.

Kik Messenger, the message app is readily available for Android, iOS as well as Windows, functions similarly to various other means, allowing users to send out chat messages instantly with a fast and also simple user interface. Its major benefit is that customers utilize a solitary user name as identification approach and not a mobile number as when it comes to WhatsApp and also Snapchat.

It additionally has a full service system that allows individuals to hear music, see videos on YouTube, play video games, send out photos as well as video clips, create memes and also certainly, conversation with pals, all without needing to leave the app.

And all with extreme rapidity and also simpleness, sending messages to the moment and also being its completely dependable distribution. On top of that, Kik Messenger shipments will note us as other letters has actually sent out, have been obtained and these, also, have been opened and also could dependably know when somebody reviews it or otherwise.

Different styles Kik Messenger differ platforms, adapting to the design of each. Therefore, we can claim that it is a delight step by Kik Messenger for iPhone or Android, being all icons and also switches accessible intuitively and with attractive layouts, showing a instead cruder user interface in Windows Phone that likewise does not have link with other applications.

Just like all instant message applications, which at some point wind up choosing the use is the variety of good friends we have with Kik Messenger, being in these rather low compared to other applications such as Whatsapp. Still, worth a try, due to the fact that the system of sending out and also wering given messages is truly quickly, having the tourist attraction of being able to add users with their nick or e-mail, not depending consequently on the schedule call SIM.

October 03, 2016

How you can install Kik messenger and also what can you do?

Kik is completely free download from the appropriate store using smart device or iPad. For Android phones free of cost in the Google Play Shop for Apple devices in the Application Store and Windows tools free Windows Phone Store. The version for the BlackBerry can be downloaded and install from the official internet site of KIK For windows. When using Wi-fi get no extra expense in addition to the fees you spend for Net on a smartphone at. Do not utilize WI-FI, you pay only the expense of your data bundle. Kik is and also stays a complimentary message solution.

August 25, 2016

Kik Messenger vs Whatsapp


Kik Messenger is an application that can send messages (instant messaging) and mobile phones. Kik Messenger is the investment round since 2014 one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp has become worldwide. The app is available for download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The application is most similar to BlackBerry Messenger. Kik online is free to use and does not show ads in the application. The user of the app only pay the cost of data to the provider or the cost of the wireless Internet when using the application through WiFi. Kik was developed by the company Kik Interactive and its release was on October 19, 2010. In 2014, the app especially in much of American popular. The uniqueness of the message application is that the user is not registered with a mobile phone, but there has to be chosen only one user name. An official version for the PC or laptop (both Mac and Windows) is not available for Kik Messenger.

Features In Kik

Kik allows the user to:

  • Send messages to other users who have installed Kik
  • Pictures and screenshots sharing
  • Sketches (sketches) to create and share
  • make a voice recording and direct share
  • search the built-in browser information



WhatsApp is an application that allows you, the first year, can send free messages to other users who have downloaded the app and installed. After a trial year, the user must purchase a subscription for one year or several years for a small fee. The application was released in 2009 and available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Nokia S40 devices. The application is on February 19, 2014 for $ 19 billion (equivalent to approximately 13.8 billion euros) purchased by the company Facebook. In October 2014 WhatsApp worldwide was the most widely used application for sending mobile messages, closely followed by Telegram Messenger , WeChat and Line messenger . Features WhatsApp If you have downloaded the application, the user can do the following with WhatsApp:

  • Send messages to other users who have installed WhatsApp
  • take pictures or share the gallery with others
  • Voice messages make the app and share
  • start group discussions
  • The status change so that people can see what the user is doing


Received messages

The user can view both applications or messages have arrived when this option is checked by the user where your messages to send you. However, this is at the two applications indicated in a different way. So working with checkmarks WhatsApp and Kik Messenger with letters. Check marks in Whatsapp in WhatsApp, you can see exactly when someone has read a message that has been sent. There, use is made of symbols which are called check marks, and an image of a clock. A single gray checkmark means that a message was sent, but the recipient has not yet had time to read the message. There is a double gray checkmark, then the message has been delivered but not yet read the interview itself. If two blue checkmarks assist the transmitted message, the receiver has read the message and has been in the relevant call. Receiving messages in Kik Messenger in Kik Messenger is made of a single flag, the letters S, D and R and three dots to indicate whether a message has been read or received. If for a long time, three points stand with a transmitted message, the message was not sent. This has to do with the general own connection to the Internet or satellite. If your Internet connection is present, there is a flag in the message above a letter. If an S appears the message is sent to the server Kik from your mobile phone. Is there a D, the message is delivered to the recipient. Eventually there is a R; the recipient has actually opened the message. If the symbols appearing in gray is the message sent to someone with an iPhone or a Windows Phone. If the light gray color changes to black, the message is opened by the recipient.



An application keeps running costs a lot of money. An application must therefore earn money to be able to continue to provide the service. Both Kik and WhatsApp deserve to users who have chosen the creators of the applications for an entirely different approach: Promoted chats and chat robots Kik Kik uses instant messages from advertisers. These can riddles, jokes or send advertisements to your account in the form of a normal chat message. This is indicated in the “Promoted” section when you press “Talk To.” There is a green star next to the profile picture when the account is verified (it is actually managed by the advertiser). The user of Kik can chat with the owner and receive messages when there is something new. An advertiser paid in 2014 about 20 cents per user saving for a promoted post. Subscriptions in WhatsApp WhatsApp is the first year free. After this first trial year must be paid by the user to use the application. Multiple subscriptions are possible and you can in different ways to pay for WhatsApp . No use is made of advertising or instant messages from advertisers.


Significant differences

The main difference between the applications is the way of registering. WhatsApp wants a user to know the phone number to complete registration. An account can only be used on a phone with the registered phone number. By Kik Messenger, a new user must choose a unique username to register. User can add another by simply filling out a user of the other person. In addition there is in Kik Messenger a built-in browser to fish products and there is the possibility to make sketches and to send it to contacts. Both apps make money from users, but have chosen a different way here.


Both WhatsApp and Kik Messenger focus on sending messages, photos and create group discussions. Speed, security and privacy are important priorities for both applications. send and receive messages and works almost the same basic functionality that should have a messaging application also work the same.

July 25, 2016

Tips on how to Select a Decent External Hard Drive

image_20160725_113136_4How to Select a Decent External Hard Drive

Choosing an external hard disk should give attention to four important essentials to ensure you get the very best external hard disc:

  • Whether there is a fan to provide cooling
  • The speed within the drive – 5400rpm or 7200rpm
  • Who supplies the actual disc
  • Verify testimonials online

Let’s go through these individually to ensure you get the full benefit of inspection these 4 key elements.

A Fan to Keep You Drive Cool

Heat is one of the worst things for electronic tools. Several producers will not add in fans with their external drives, and that can obliterate a hard drive. I had one such drive that ruined down after 25 months. Pretty bad when you consider this happened 1 month after the warranty expired.

Furthermore, if simply I had known there wasn’t a fan I could have mounted one. Having twenty three years experience with desktops has way back given me a understanding that heat is one of the dangerous things for such products.

Please do note, also, how CPU centres have cool areas in their system locations. Mainframe systems are built in large boxes where the fans make less noise – and you are able to keep computers even colder than the surface areas where we humans are moving around.

The Speed of the Drive Itself

Hard drives process at four speeds nowadays:

1. For ATA/S-ATA drives both 5400rpm or 7200rpm

2. For SCSI drives both 10000rpm or 15000rpm

For the conventional user, you normally need to focus on ATA/S-ATA drive types. Beyond the rate of rotation of plates inside the drive, you even have in important cache. This is a small amount of data than might be read “after” the actual content you needed, and will frequently provide the following information needed for that CPU to deliver the information you want. There is much dialogue concerning the result of caches. You have to try performance by reading what others have said concerning the drive – as I mention below. You can get much faster speeds buy buying a flash drive or a SSD. There is not much difference between the speeds of Flash Storage vs SSD, but they are both alot faster than a HDD

image_20160725_113137Who Gives the Actual Drive

Some producers don’t create the specific hard drive. They create the external box, and put in a hard disc that can come from any of the following companies: Seagate, Quantum, Lenovo (previously IBM), Maxtor etc.

Which producer you prefer is dependent upon your personal preferences. In general they all provide good drives, but you ought to always get a good warranty for your drive. Hard drives hold imperative data, and you may need a drive that works.

Check Testimonials Online

The most impressive equipment for checking out a hard disk is always to enter the model name right into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. In that way you are able to see what others say regarding the product. This is very nice to learn whenever you see nearly the same technical specifications for 2 dissimilar drives.

In Conclusion

This could present you with four good ways to check out your next external hard disc. Do not forget – testimonials for the specific drive have the benefit of not being reliant upon the producer on the drive, and independent information is usually more honest than relying upon technical specifications alone.

July 20, 2016

Download iMessage for PC app

image_20160720_143418The times are long gone when people use to ask you for your mobile number or your email id. Nowadays the first question that you are asked when you first meet a person is, are you on iMessage? Having iMessage installed in your phone is a common knowledge these days. Be it Symbian Nokia phones, android phones, windows phones or even iPhones, all support iMessage. If a mobile phone doesn’t have iMessage then what’s the fun keeping that phone?

But interesting part is what if you can download iMessage for a pc app? Yes, you can now Download iMessage for windows app and that too free of charge.

How to Download

In order to download iMessage for a pc app through Blue stacks you would first of all need to download Blue stack that is a free windows application. Once you are done with downloading the windows application, you will then have to double click on download file, then click continue and the click install.

Next you have to download iMessage APK file. After you have finished downloading the iMessage APK file you need to double click on it i.e. on Download iMessage APK file.  Once you do that iMessage will automatically get installed on your computer. You have now downloaded iMessage on your pc.

While downloading iMessage on pc app you will find a Blue stacks icon on your desktop as a result of downloading Blue stacks windows application. Open Blue stacks by double clicking on the icon. Once you open Blue stacks, click on My Apps. There in the list you would see iMessage.
After clicking on the iMessage option a dialogue box will open up with various terms and conditions for using the software. Accept the terms and Conditions. You will find a field there that would ask for your contact number. Fill your 10 digit contact number following your country code in field. What you have to do next is to click on the option, Call me.

When you click on Call me you will automatically receive a call with a confirmation number that you need to jot down. Now type this confirmation number in the verification field that you will see on your computer screen and the process is done!Download iMessage for PC app

More info

In mobile phones iMessage picks up your contact list by default. However, the same is not the case in a pc. In a pc you will have to add contacts manually to your list. This can be done through Blue stacks.

For this you have to open iMessage in Blue stack. There will be a menu button there, click on that. Next you would find a contacts icon. Click on menu icon once again. Then click on add contacts. There will be fields to fill in phone numbers and names. Fill in the details in those fields. Once you have filled the fields, click on done.

In case you want to add more contacts you can follow the same steps again.

July 07, 2016

In two hours, the perfect song: GarageBand on iPad

garagebandWith the 4-Euro-app GarageBand for the iPad Apple has obviously hit a home run. The small recording studio not only enthusiastic impulse buyers make their first exercises on virtual instruments, but also reaps acclaim from experienced musicians.

Those who want to dig deeper into the possibilities of Apple’s new music app, should this post by Robby Grossman to heart. The American has as part of a 2-hour project on his iPad the first generation a quite audible song ( Direct link included), aids were in addition to his voice only two guitars and virtual instruments from GarageBand For PC.

It declares on its website explains Grossman the development process in detail and are beyond a few tips worth reading for iPad musicians. His conclusion: GarageBand replaced henceforth its 220 dollar Micro BR recorder by Boss.

July 07, 2016

A Brief History of Windows

1Windows is an Operating System (OS) that runs on the majority of desktop and laptop computers (PCs). It was arguably the first OS that had a graphical user interface (images, including windows and buttons instead of simple text-only OS on the earliest computers and allowed for the use of a mouse in addition to a keyboard).
Windows has grown and evolved in many ways. It wasn’t until 2012 that its maker, Microsoft, put forth a serious effort to have Windows on more than just conventional computers like desktops and laptops with Windows 8–including a unique experience that allowed users to use touch in place of or along side of a keyboard and mouse.
Many people have heard the bad reviews of Windows 8 and its shortcomings. Its successor, Windows 8.1 helped fix a small portion of those issues. With the announcement of Windows 10 coming in 2015, Microsoft is plowing ahead with its mission to have a unified Windows experience on all devices, from the conventional desktop and laptop, to newer devices, such as tablets, convertible 2-1 tablet/laptop hybrids, phones, gaming consoles (such as the Xbox), phones, wearable devices, and cloud (or internet-based) services).
Best of all, the new Windows will automatically set itself to work best on the type of device you’re using–no more forcing a touch-based Start Screen and full-screen apps (the new name for programs on Windows) on a traditional Desktop PC with no touch screen.
Now let’s have a look at the history of Windows and how it has changed and evolved over the past 30 years…and how it will continue to change.Early WindowsDOS-based (Windows 1.0/2.0/2.1x/3.0/3.1x)
DOS-based Windows refers to the earliest versions of Windows released by Microsoft. They provided a graphical personal computer environment (Windows and buttons, instead of just plain-text on a black screen).
Even though these earliest versions of Windows provided a graphical environment, they ran on something called MS-DOS (MicroSoft-Disk Operating System), a plain, text-only operating system that had no images, buttons, windows, and no use of a mouse.

  • Windows 1.0
  • Windows 1.0 was first released on November 20, 1985.
  • Windows 2.0 was first released on December 9, 1987.
  • Windows 2.1x was first released on May 27, 1988.
  • Windows 3.0 was first released on May 22, 1990.
  • Windows 3.1x was first released on April 6, 1992.


Windows NT

Windows NT was first released by Microsoft on July 27, 1993 as version Windows NT 3.1.
Windows NT was meant to be a more business-focused version of Windows. It was mainly different from earlier versions of Windows because it was designed to work on different types of computer hardware and was 32-bit, instead of 16-bit like Windows 1.0-Windows 3.1x or a mixture of 16- and 32-bit like Windows 9x. (Meaning it used newer computer processors that used 32 0s and 1s to crunch each time instead of 16, allowing it to be faster have more memory.)
Later, the code that Windows NT was based on replaced newer versions of Windows after Windows 9x, the latest being Windows ME, starting with Windows 2000 and its more popular friend, Windows XP.

Windows 9x (95/98/ME)

Windows 9x is used to refer to a group of Windows Versions made from 1995 to 2000, which were all based on Windows 95 and MS-DOS.
Windows 9x includes all editions of Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME (Millennium Edition). Windows 9x is widely known for its use on desktop computers and was found on over 80% of computers throughout the late 1990s.
Windows 9x (95, .98, and ME) are somewhat odd-balls when compared to modern versions of Windows. After Windows ME (the last version of Windows 9x released), all later versions of Windows were based on earlier version of Windows called Windows NT.
Since all modern versions of Windows are so different (the code inside), almost all programs commonly used today won’t run on these versions of Windows.
All support for Windows 9x products ended on July 11, 2006.Windows 2000
Windows 2000 replaced Windows NT 4.0 and was the first version of Windows NT that dropped the “NT” from its name.
The average computer user might not remember Windows 2000 as it was both short-lived and was made more for business use.
Windows 2000 was first released on February 17, 2000 and was quickly replaced by Window XP in 2001.Windows XP


Windows XP is perhaps the most widely recognized version of Windows–even today after the 13-year old version has lost all support and security updates. Windows XP was the most popular version of Windows until 2012, when more users finally switched to Windows 7. Even though the retired Windows XP no longer receives support it is estimated that about 1 out of 4 computers still run XP.
Windows XP was praised for having better performance than earlier versions of Windows, more hardware support, an easier-to-use environment, and many other new features.